24 September 2008

Radley Balko: Fiscally Responsible Gov't? Yeah, Right.

Balko is one of the guys who voted me maybe the 4th Best Conservative College Blog (sidebar: does anyone get that joke?). His prescription for The Crisis jives with some of the sentiment I expressed about the $700 billion bailout yesterday.
when congressional leaders and presidential candidates Barack Obama and John McCain call for more government oversight of our struggling financial institutions, go ahead and laugh. You know you want to. The idea that the private sector would be in better shape today if only we demanded more oversight from our politicians is preposterous. Our politicians wouldn't recognize "fiscal responsibility" if it spat in their ears.

Wall Street moguls may be "greedy," as both John McCain and Barack Obama have described them, but at least there are real consequences when their greed becomes excessive. They go out of business.

Balko is The Agitator.

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