26 September 2008

Free Speech Is Good Speech

Thanks to Jeff G. over at Protein Wisdom, catch the latest out of the British Academy: A list of banned words. All I can say is, at least this didn't come from some history department. It was created, predictably, by a bunch of sociologists--the degree of college football football players from sea to shining sea.
Publishers and universities are outlawing dozens of seemingly innocuous words in case they cause offence.

Banned phrases on the list, which was originally drawn up by sociologists, include Old Masters, which has been used for centuries to refer to great painters - almost all of whom were in fact male.

It is claimed that the term discriminates against women and should be replaced by "classic artists".

The list of banned words was written by the British Sociological Association, whose members include dozens of professors, lecturers and researchers.

The list of allegedly racist words includes immigrants, developing nations and black, while so-called "disablist" terms include patient, the elderly and special needs.

It comes after one council outlawed the allegedly sexist phrase "man on the street", and another banned staff from saying "brainstorm" in case it offended people with epilepsy.

(no offense to readers who studied sociology)

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