08 September 2008

Olbermann/Mathews Out, Iowahawk Rules

Does the lefty blogosphere having anything like Iowahawk? Check out his latest, which includes a short list of the many hats worn by community organizers:
  • reach out and work with communities in various ways.
  • liaison with, and for, community agencies for service within affected areas.
  • fight to make a difference.
  • raise awareness.
  • deal with community issues.
  • raise awareness in the community of how we are making differences about undealt-with issues .
  • when necessary, refer inquiries to outreach coordinators.
  • Help coordination agency administrators identify and address outreach opportunities.
  • model timetables and conceptualize benchmarks.
  • issue guidelines for poster contests and interpretive dance festivals.
  • Gather voter registrations, win valuable prizes.
In other, awesomely awesome news, the mouthpieces of the angry left over at MSNBC, the repugnant Chris Mathews and venomous Keith Olbermann, are out as prime time news anchors. This just confirms what we have always known: These guys are blatantly partisan. They don't even try to appear impartial. Hopefully this is just the first step on their march into complete and total insignificance and their ouster from what used to be a respectable news outlet.

We've been covering their outrages at my day job, NewsBusters (surf on over and search their names to find a HUGE catalogue of their various offenses) and collectively believe this is a result of the backlash against their coverage of the McCain campaign and recently, Sarah Palin. That, and NBC would not doubt like to make a little money and, well, the angry left just isn't a big enough group to keep their ratings high for advertisers. See Fox News for a successful model of fairness and balance.

It was one of the great moments at the convention when, during Palin's speech, responding to her assertions of media bias, the conventioneers started chanting "N-B-C! N-B-C!," and pointing towards NBC's suite in the Xcel Center. Even the MSM responds, finally, when enough people pound away at their bias.

One small step for Americans, one giant leap for those of us outing bias in the mainstream media.

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