21 September 2008

Tell The Truth, Let The Chips Fall Where They May (UPDATED)

On Friday I posted links to two articles--dispatches, really--written by freelance writer Michael Yon. For a long time, Yon was the only place I, and many others, could go to get the straight news from the trenches. He took and takes the time to get the feel of a place, the lay of the land, and understand what the troops are thinking and feeling. As I have never served in the military nor been to Iraq & Afghanistan, I find his insight invaluable.

In addition to posting the links and recommending that my readers read Yon's stuff, I sent a message to a buddy of mind currently working intel in Afghanistan. I wanted to get his take on what Yon was reporting. His response is revealing:
I can't say that's what I'm seeing every day. But my fellow soldiers are. When we go out on missions to the different FOB's... we see this stuff. And his writing is right on with what is going on here. The idea that there are so many Taliban around... and that they can just flee into Pakistan to get away from us... it's ridiculous. I love the article though. Thanks for sending it and opening the eyes of those who read this. The bias[ed] media of today has no idea what we go through out here... this is a breath of fresh air. Please pass this article along so that people get a feel for how the war is out here.
(emphasis added)

Per my friend's instructions, here's the links to those articles once again. Make these your Sunday reading.
Death in the Corn: Part I of III
Death in the Corn: Part II of III
UPDATE 8:58pm MDT: Be sure and check out my friend's blog. He writes a little more about his personal experiences in Afghanistan.

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