15 April 2008

College Blog Follow-up

In the aftermath of the college blog contest, we hoped for a greater level of connectivity between the contestant blogs--a sort of federation of conservative college bloggers. We may not all support the same issues or candidates in exactly the same way, but we hoped that there could be a sort of collaborative effort.

To that end, we weekly linked to our competitors' blogs. To their credit, a few of them linked to the rest of us a time or two. We sent emails to the judges asking for links not only to our blog, but to all the blogs, and a couple three of them obliged. Most recently, Glenn Reynolds at Instapundit.com posted a link. Thanks, Glenn.

We've made a joke of the fact that we got 4th place in the contest (only the top 3 spots are known). When the contest was first announced, we wrote an email to the contest administrators suggesting that perhaps they could get the judges to give each of the bloggers a little post-contest evaluation. We all know the top 3 are the bestest ever, but what about the rest of us? We wanted to know what we could do to improve.

Fortunately, though none of that end of it has materialized, a number of you have written in comments or sent us emails or even talked to us over the phone and in person about some of the things you'd like to see done on this site. You've made suggestions and critiques to help make this place better. And you know what? We really do appreciate it. It's easy to get tunnel vision and think everything is copacetic.

Your critiques have helped make us much more aware of this blog's deficiencies and given us a clearer vision of what we can do to make this website the best it can possibly be (again, given obvious limitations). Thanks for that.

If you have tips, questions, comments, suggestions, or requests for subscription only articles, email us at lybberty@gmail.com.

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