19 September 2008

You'd Better Be Reading Michael Yon

If you are serious about getting the real news out of Iraq and now Afghanistan, you had better be reading Michael Yon. He is a freelance writer/reporter/photographer who has written about the reality on the ground wherever our troops are fighting.

His latest series of reports come to you from FOB Gibraltar and they are dynamite.
Death in the Corn: Part I of III
Death in the Corn: Part II of III
This has got to be one of the most incredible stories in the last couple of years, doesn't it? That despite the MSM's blatant attempt to bias the news about Iraq & Afghanistan and influence policy and fuel Obama's and others' attempts to retreat--that despite all of this, we have achieved success in Iraq that, by his own admission, was "beyond [Obama's] wildest dreams (nightmares?).

With Gen. Petraeus in charge, no doubt our troops will do the same in Afghanistan.

(h/t Ace)

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