13 September 2008

538, Sonk, Evergreen, &c.

UPDATE 14 Sept. 12:30am MDT:

Dear Mark, Diana, Amanda, Kaitlyn, Trinh, & other miscellany UCLA-related friends:

59-0, I rest my case.



It's Saturday and it's game day for BYU. This week the Cougars are playing another Pac-10 team--this time, UCLA, for the 3rd time in just over a year. As I'll be attending the game and entertaining a visiting fan, blogging will be light this weekend. That said, take a look at a couple of things:

- While at the RNC, I reconnected with an old BYU friend who wrote about her experience shepherding Republican big-wigs in their interactions with the press. Check it out here.

- One point on the Palin's interview w/ Charlie Gibson: If you think she revealed her ignorance of foreign policy w/ re: to her question about the specific application of the Bush Doctrine, then you know less about foreign policy than, well, Sarah Palin. See, specifically, Charles Krauthammer's column about the origin and development of this idea of the Bush Doctrine.

- Great, redemptive news out of 538 for the Evergreen State: McCain is within 2 points (2 points!) of Obama in Washington. All the other numbers look pretty good for McCain, too.

- For those of you who care about such things, the Palgrave Econoblog has a mostly unscientific listing of the Top 50 Economics Blogs. Notably missing is Greg Mankiw. FWIW, I read Mankiw more than all the rest combined.

- Part of me feels bad for Democrats (but not that bad). They reached their popular-appeal-peak months and months ahead of the actual election.

- Revisiting Fannie/Freddie: The Candidate of Change is going to have to answer why he would allow no change or reform of the GSEs. See Decker's post on this at Pendulum Politics.

- Obama & Dems generally have announced time and time again that things will be different this election--that they won't allow themselves to be Swift-boated--you know, sunk by the truth. This is how they hit back (ad link).

When they decided to make fun of McCain's alleged distaste for using computers, did they think that maybe the reason he doesn't use them was because his injuries, suffered while serving his country, made it painful/impossible?

The Obama campaign's get-tough strategy can be summed up thusly: Make Fun of Veterans' Disabilities.

Let's play my fav. game, compare 'n contrast:

Drawbacks on selecting one candidate vs. the other:

McCain doesn't like to write emails/use computers because of the pain and disability resulting from being tortured by the North Vietnamese. He's, like, sooo out of touch with Obama's twentysomethings. How can he be our President?

Senators Obama, Dodd, & Clinton (among others) resisted reform and regulation of Fannie & Freddy, which is partially to blame for the current housing crisis. "Why did they do this," you ask?

Campaign donations. Not just any donations, but donations you can believe in (joke explanation for the stupid and humorless: you know, because the check didn't bounce).

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