18 September 2008

More On Barack Obama & Fannie Gate

The more I think about Barack Obama's baseless attempts to pin today's crisis on some nebulous economic philosophy shared by President Bush and John McCain, the angrier I get--especially because it is abundantly clear that Barack Obama was part of the problem, while President Bush & John McCain separately tried to pass reforms that would have avoided or alleviated the crisis.

Barack Obama talks about 'more of the same;' he offers Americans more of the same type of politician they've seen in this country since the beginning. He is the type of politician who will dutifully look the other way and stonewall important change and reform so long as you make a sizeable donation to his campaign.

Obama is just another corrupt, Chicago machine politician, trying to blame the people whose reform efforts he helped to quash. Obama is no agent of change, he is an agent of corruption and obstruction.

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