30 September 2008

Al Felzenberg On The Debate

I had the fortune of meeting Mr. Felzenberg on Day 1 of the RNC at a reception co-sponsored by National Review. He was friendly and solicitous, providing timely and sound advice as I embark on my PhD program.

In the aftermath of the first Presidential debate, Felzenberg, who knows a thing or two about Presidents, wrote a lucid analysis of the debate.
McCain’s moments to shine came when he treated his opponent and the rest of us to a succinct lecture on linkage between Russia’s aggressive posture in Georgia and its energy interests. These were the thoughts of an agile mind which seriously thinks through problems and understands the interconnectedness of so many.

But when it came to which contender for the nation’s highest office has a better grasp on the nation’s primary security challenges, McCain won this round hands down, and without breaking a sweat, and without showing signs of weakening under strain. The question his team needs to have asked in the days ahead is not “are you better off?” but “which of these two guys has better chance of instilling fear in the hearts of those who plan to do the United States ill?”

The more voters ponder this, the more they will decide that, while Obama might make an enjoyable dinner guest, McCain would make the stronger president. Through his seriousness, sense of purpose, and demeanor, he showed this from start to finish.

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