18 September 2008

NB #20 & 21: Rich Lowry On The Media, NPR's Bias (UPDATED)

At least I think these latest two are my 20th and 21st posts for NewsBusters. I'm not altogether certain.

The first post examines end of John McCain's friendly relationship with the MSM. They loved him when he battled President Bush in 2000, passed campaign finance reform, and generally ticked off his own party. Now that he's running against their man Barrack? Well ...
The End of an Affair: McCain Realizes Media Dislikes Him
My second post, also written today, treats the lazy liberal journalism of NPR. Rather than actually looking at the record, they simply parroted the NOW talking points that it is a 'non-partisan organization for women that rarely endorses candidates for President'--except for earlier this year when they endorsed Hillary and 2004 when they endorsed John Kerry. Come on, folks, how about a little honesty and hard work in your journalism?
NPR Reports: 'Non-Partisan' NOW Endorses Obama
Friend of Lybberty, Amanda B., emailed me a copy of the email she sent NPR, decrying their liberal bias. You see, unlike me, she listens to NPR and enjoys their cultural offerings. Their hard swerve to the left and into the tank for Obama has upset her, and rightly so.
I love NPR, however, please provide the news free of the bias that I would expect from another news source and not my beloved NPR. In today's piece on the corruption of Mayor Kilpatrick, his party affiliation was not named. Yet, in a similar story on the corruption of Senator Stevens, his party WAS named. I really don't care whether the slimy politicians' parties are named or not, but please be consistent in your identification. I wouldn't want NPR to be included on that list of media outlets that the Republicans have been so soundly denouncing.

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