09 September 2008

Kim Jong-il, Rot In Hell

- Fox News is reporting that Kim Jong-il, "dear leader," suffered a stroke in August. It's not a very Christian thing for me to say, but I hope this is the beginning of a short, painful period before he goes the way of all the earth and leaves his country susceptible to overtures of peace and democracy and sanity (get rid of the nukes!) from the West. Die painfully, die fast, KJ. And take Castro and Chavez with you. Ahmadinejad, too.

- Obama has a "comprehensive" strategy for bringing the war to a close. Not one that "tinkers around the edges." You know, a different one to the one that actually won the war. Apparently 8000 troops coming home is not enough.

Look, all you need to know about the war is that The Surge won it, McCain supported it and Obama did not. If we followed Obama's plan, we would have lost the war in Iraq and lost Iraq to al-Qaeda and Iran. End of story.

- The leftist nutroots are trying to make a Rev. Wright out of Gov. Palin's church in Wasilla. Unfortunately for the nutroots, the only controversial thing made up there was a bad joke about how Kerry voters might not make it to heaven. Of course, fouling up their narrative is the fact that the statement was made 2 years after Governor Palin left the church.

The lesson from the nutroots is clear: Never let the facts mess up your narrative.

Let's play "compare 'n contrast":

Rev. Wright: "Goddamn America!"
Gov. Palin's Pastor 2 Years After She Left the Church: "You know, people who vote for Kerry might not get into heaven. [laughter, because people understand that it's a joke]"

This replays itself in the story they're making up about her banning one of the Harry Potter books. Unfortunately for them, she was supposed to have banned it 2 years before it was even released.

Come on, Angry Left, you can do better.

The good news herre is that the American public is far smarter than the leftists of this country believe. In their mind, all they have to do is create controversey about Gov. Palin's past. They don't understand that it actually has to be a real controversey for it to have any legs. Like you, dear readers, they are able to play "compare 'n contrast" and see that what Governor Palin's pastor said after she left the church is in a different galaxy from the hatred spewed by Obama's close personal adviser--though apparently only spewed when Obama was not in attendance. (Americans also don't believe that bit of fiction).

Let me also point out one more bit of idiocy: James Taranto, one of my fav. columnists wrote about the damaging and distracting power of hate. You are seeing evidence of this in the way the Angry Left is treating Governor Palin.

The controversey they created in the wake of her nomination drove people by the millions to watch her speech and see for themselves. Calling her inexperienced caused people to play "compare 'n contrast" with Barack Obama and Sarah Palin--a #1 vs. #2 comparison Republicans will win every time. And now, by going after her church and her pastor--especially when they have nothing(!)--will only remind people of Obama's history with Wright.

This is stupid, stupid, stupid.

When McCain/Palin win in November, we'll all have to give the Angry Left a tip of the hat for their big assist. Thanks, leftist nutroots.

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