30 September 2008

Go Rays!

Over at one of the Mariners blogs I frequent, Lookout Landing, we (speaking collectively of the LL community) have been passively supporting the Tampa Bay Rays for a couple of years and, in the wake of the M's compete sucktastic disaster of a season, supporting them actively all of this year.

We like the Rays because they're run by a smart, sabermetrically and cost-benefit inclined front office which eschews all of the annoying baseball cliches--cliches that seem to have found their home in the Mariners front office, which, in addition to being a huge joke, operates based in a 20 year old reality.

Anyway, enough Mariner angst. I'm happy to be on the Rays bandwagon and support them in the playoffs. Few things would give me more pleasure than to see the Rays sweep the Red Sox and their smug fans out of the ALCS.

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