26 September 2008


Back in the day I used to read 2 columnists every week--Daniel Henninger & Mark Steyn (now I pretty much read everything). Since the Canadians sued Steyn for writing about Muslim demographics, he hasn't written much. Which is a shame, because Steyn is awesome.

So now I get my weekly comedic fix from Iowahawk. To really get a sense of who Iowahawk is, let me quote from one of his many admirers:
Iowahawk might get up tomorrow, get [redacted], grab his beautiful wife and ride his moped backwards to a Hells Angel rally, then drink himself into oblivion and fight about 7 crank dealers from the Racine chapter of the Death Jokers all by himself. Then maybe he'd go home, romance the beautiful wife, build a perfect retro treehouse for his perfect kids, drink a bottle of tequila, prepare a 3-course meal while beating away a push-in home invader and sacrificing him on a makeshift, though historically accurate, Inca altar he built in the woods behind the railroad tracks. Then he'd sit down and knock out a tremedously insulting Leftist parody that pissed off thread after thread of Kos and DU lunatics, romance the bride once again and fall asleep chuckling. It's like he's Paul Bunyan and Mark Twain rolled up into one hipster.
I'm sure the guy doesn't mean that Iowahawk is a hipster in the same sense as all the too-cool-for-school twentysomething hipsters who form Obama's core supporters.

Anywho, read the latest. A sampling:
The subprime mortgage crisis rocked Wall Street again last week, spurring federal bailouts and takeovers of several large financial institutions - including Fannie Mae, Freddie Mac, AIG Insurance, Lehman Brothers and Bear Stearns. Americans are asking the tough questions -- how will this effect me? and, where do I get my bailout check? To help understand the issues Dave travels to TGIFriday's Happy Hour for a spirited roundtable debate with guest financial expert Linda Mustaine from First Coralville Mortgage, and next-door neighbor Craig Evers.

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