17 September 2008

Lybbert/Warner Fantasy Football Week #2

Is it too early to call for a do-over? It looks like I'm headed for the cellar of my fantasy football league for the 2nd year in-a-row. Darn you, Football Outsiders.

At this point I can only hope for a little regression to mean.
[full names redacted for the sake of blog decency rules]
Provo City Floaters 2-0
THE 2-0
YMP2 2-0
DD 1-1
MLM 1-1
RLD 1-1
Sgt. Slaughter 1-1
TD 0-2
PS 0-2
freecreditreport.com 0-2
CGs 0-2
Congratulations to DD for being the high scorer for Week 2 with 121.3 points, narrowly edging IMVIAB with 121.

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If you have tips, questions, comments or suggestions, email me at lybberty@gmail.com.


Anonymous said...

What is obscene about Happy Endings?

Jessica Lee Anderson said...

Mr. Lybbert, I think you need some color and tone and texture. This blog is great reading, but it's a little uncomfortable on the eyes. It doesn't have to be froofy, but a little subtle background could really improve your curb appeal and solidify you in readers' memories! I'm an amateur artist (and byu nursing student) if you need some recommendations. Thanks!