05 September 2008

Getting The Heck Out Of Dodge

UPDATE 10:13pm PDT: Well, I'm back on the West Coast and in Seattle for the BYU vs. UW football game. Feels good. I promised a couple of friends from the RNC that I would blog about them.

First off, thanks to Liz Mair, the eCommunications Director for helping me along the way for the last couple of months and then, again, at the convention. Couldn't have gotten there with out you, Liz.

Thanks also to Hayden Pruett, Special Press Media Credentialer extroardinaire. Let the record show that none of Hayden's credentials ended up in the hands of the obnoxious "pink ladies." They can hardly be called ladies, can they? Hayden, you're awesome.

- The take down, clean up started last night as soon as the balloons dropped from the ceiling of the Xcel Center. It was a massive operation putting everything together--especially the security arrangements and huge barrier enclosing a larger perimeter around the Xcel. As I left sometime after midnight and later, as I walked back around after leaving the Wrap Party, it seemed as though they were proceeding apace. From beginning to end, this was a well run, well organized operation.

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