25 October 2008

Voter Fraud (UPDATED)

A few years ago, someone I know voted more than once at BYU's Battle of the Bands competition. This person's friend was in the running and was, going into the comp, one of the top 2 or 3 bands. As it turned out, the band won the competition by less than the number of additional, fraudulent, votes made by the friend-of-the-band.

That's bad.

But it's also just another stupid battle of the bands competition at one of thousands of universities across the country. It didn't have anything to do with the single most important office on the face of the earth.

In the name of, something, liberal "community organizing" groups like ACORN sign up literally tens of thousands of imaginary voters in order to create as much confusion as possible surrounding the actual vote. Why? So they can push through as many fraudulent votes as they possibly can, so they can game the system the way the 'friend-of-the-band' did at BYU and make sure their "friend," Barack Obama, wins.

It's happening in Ohio.

It's happening in Seattle. (it worked the last time around when Chris Gregoire beat Dino Rossi after the 3rd recount and inclusion of literally thousands of additional votes which were "found" after the fact. yeah.)

It's happening in Pennsylvania.

Even ACORN's own internal review shows "irregularities."

A loss in two weeks will be a hell of a lot easier to take if it isn't a result of Democratic litigation and the inclusion of hundreds of thousands of fraudulent ACORN votes.

Remember: Wanting your guy to win does not justify breaking the law, gaming the system, and negating legitimate voters' right to elect their leaders.

UPDATE 3:31pm BDT: I almost forgot: They signed up a bunch of convicts in Virginia, too

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