15 October 2008

Bronco Mendenhall Is Awesome, &c.

If you haven't read yesterday's (?) article in USA Today about Bronco and the Cougar Football team, do yourself a favor and check it out:
Mendenhalls Cougars are on a mission at Brigham Young
Here's a short excerpt:
PROVO, Utah — Soon after becoming head coach of a beleaguered Brigham Young football team four years ago, Bronco Mendenhall took his players to the top of the mountain east of campus where a giant, white Y rests above BYU, nestled in the valley below.

Mendenhall pointed out how relatively small the Cougars stadium appeared among the community that surrounds it.

"It was to gain perspective, not only in looking from the top down, but to see possibly where football really fits into this whole thing," Mendenhall says. "It's not very big."

Perspective, it's a good thing.

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