23 October 2008

Finally Someone Sends Up Barack Obama

Late night and SNL love to lampoon McCain & Palin (they loved to hit Hillary too), but rarely do they turn their sights on Barack Obama, Guitar Hero*. Even when they do, it's not with the same intensity or ferocity.

I'm not complaining about McCain's treatment by these outlets, I'm just pointing out that it hasn't been even-handed.

And it's a shame, because Obama provides a veritable treasure-trove of material for comedy writers. It has something to do with how seriously the leftists take themselves and the fact that The One Shall Not Be Ridiculed.

Watch and see what McCain's team was able to accomplish.

Part 1

Part 2

If you want, here's Obama's mostly lame attempt at humor.

*Over-the-top performance, no real skill or experience.

(from Mankiw, h/t Matt L.)

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