02 October 2008

Programming Note: Liveblogging The VP Debate

Back by popular demand (and because I enjoy it), I'll be live-blogging tonight's Vice Presidential debate between Governor Sarah Palin and Senator Joe Biden. Tune in for snark-free commentary and analysis of the debate as it happens!

The debate kicks off at 7pm. I'll start by giving a little pre-debate analysis of the TV coverage at 630pm MDT and carry on with typical analysis of the debate itself at 7pm. Be sure to send your emails with observations and commentary to the email listed below and I'll do my best to plug them into the live-blog.

Thanks, and in the tradition of David Axelrod's famous grassroots (read: astroturfing), tell 10 of your friends.

If you have tips, questions, comments or suggestions, email me at lybberty@gmail.com.