08 October 2008

Media Bias Re: Bill Ayers & Barack Obama

So strong is the media inthetankedness for Barack Obama that they are now claiming (see CNN) that a magazine outing the relationship between Obama and unrepentant former terrorist Bill Ayers--National Review--actually debunked the relationship. Um, no.

See Stanley Kurtz, leading researcher on this question, at NR's The Corner:
A CNN article on Sarah Palin’s criticism of Barack Obama’s relationship to unrepentant terrorist Bill Ayers actually cites National Review as one of the publications supposedly debunking Palin’s point. How CNN can cite National Review this way is a mystery to me. Maybe we’ll have to set up an NR "truth squad."

I was very briefly on CNN immediately after the McCain campaign called for me to be given access to UIC library. A CNN reporter interviewed me, and almost every question was an attempt to challenge the significance of the Obama-Ayers link. I answered every query in detail. When the report finally aired, my points about the significance of the Obama-Ayers connection were cut. And now, CNN is actually claiming NR as an ally in its effort to undercut Palin. Incredible.

You can't make this stuff up.

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