09 October 2008

NewsBusters: My Latest

First, I explore John Heilemann's claims that loss of liberal pundit support is somehow evidence that John McCain is losing the election.
Liberal Media Bias 'Evidence' McCain Is Losing
Point to the polls, if you like, but don't point to the loss of respect by some idiot lib as evidence of why McCain is doing poorly. If the media ever liked McCain before, it was because he so often went against his own party, which they despised. Now that he stands in the path of their Chosen One, he reaps their derision and hate just like all the rest of us narrow-minded conservatives.

Welcome to the club, John, how does it feel to be treated like a conservative?

Lastly and less interestingly, I examine the deletion of the International Herald Tribune's website. This organization is a sister-site to the New York Times and their failing operation is another sign of the demise of the Grey Lady. Yes, there's a little schadenfreude at work here.
International Herald Tribune Website Joins Dinosaurs

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