06 October 2008

John McCain Strikes Back

The conservative blogosphere has been pounding away at Democrats and Barack Obama on Fannie/Freddie since the start of the current crisis. For whatever reason (because he wanted to lose the election?), John McCain had refused to go there. Well, he finally joined the fight--pounding Barack Obama on exactly the types of things that should concern the middle class voter Obama claims to defend.

If John McCain had associates--close associates--in his past who were the conservative equivalent (is there one?) of Bill Ayers, Tony Rezko, & Jeremiah Wright, the MSM would have hounded him right out of the race. With friends like those, he wouldn't have made it past the Republican primary.

But with the MSM defending him at every turn or simply framing the story or avoiding other stories and carrying Obama's water by attacking McCain, they are doing everything they can to make sure he gets into the White House.

In 2004, when 80% of the press voted for John Kerry and he lost, they collectively said, "NEVER AGAIN." And vowed to do all they could to put a Democrat in the White House in 2008. The evidences are everwhere and daily. We chronicle as many has we have time for over at NewsBusters. But we don't get to all of them--and we can only highlight the most blatant anti-McCain abuses.

What about the pro-Obama lapses in coverage? How many times do they look the other way or refuse to run a story about Obama's Fannie-gate record or his association with terrorist Bill Ayers or convicted felon and all-around sleazeball, Tony Rezko, or America-hater Jeremiah Wright.

If you think the media is unbiased or, at worst, moderately biased, ask yourself one question: If the shoe were on the other foot and John McCain had these skeletons in his closet, do you honestly believe he would get the same coverage Barack Obama gets day after day?

If you're a Barack Obama supporter and just stumbled on this blog on the first time, ask yourself this question: How much do you really know about the real Barack Obama?

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