09 October 2005

Top 10 Again

1. BYU Football Team
At New Mexico, against his former team, Bronco's Cougars got it done. Offensive game ball goes to Curtis Brown--he always plays hard; I wish he would get more touches(way to go CB). Defensive game ball goes to Cameron Jensen. I know it can't be true but it seems like he makes every tackle. Go cougs.

2. My Baby Sister
Her first Homecoming coincided with our (matt's and my) surprise trip home for my dad's 50th bday. It's clear that the youngest got the looks in the family AND it is impossible to spoil her too much--she deserves all she gets. Love ya babe.

3. The Miracle of Flight
Props to the Wright Brothers for making it possible to go from SLC to PSC in less than the time it takes me to drive from Provo to the airport with traffic. Sure beats driving an air-conditioner-less, (the old man says it builds character) Trooper for 9.5 hours.

4. Seattle Seahawks
With the baseball season done the Mariners can no longer bring embarrassment to themselves and pain to me. This was a good weekend as all three of my teams won. The Seahawks are 3-2 atop the NFC West, the Southridge Suns remain 4A #1 and BYU got Bronco his first Div I victory. Does it get any better than this?

5. Costco Chocolate Cake
If this list were ordered based on things that bring me the greatest amount of pleasure then CCC would be higher on the list. This cake is one of the biggest reasons Costco is among my favorite places on the face of the earth and possibly the best thing bought with $15.

6. Wayne's World
We put this classic in the old VCR sometime after midnight last night. Are you like me? Have you forgotten how good this movie truly is? If you're a Braves or Padres or Red Sox fan, dust off your copy and settle in for an hour and a half of good laughs. On a side note, isn't it great that the Red Sox got swept and the Patriots are struggling? Its about time that smug look got wiped off the face of all those New Englanders.

7. Snow on Timp
This one would have been higher if the snow had lasted longer than a day. If you board or ski or like mountains, there is nothing more beautiful than a snow covered Mount Timpanogos. Here's to hoping that the snow falls fast and furious and doesn't let up till May of '06.

8. DVR or Tivo
Possibly the greatest creation since Gushers Fruit Snacks, DVR and College Gameplan allow me to watch all the football I can stand, plus some. My roommate (no names) uses DVR to record the OC and then lure girls to the apartment to watch episodes they've missed. Meanwhile, I spend my Saturdays in the library and watch college football saturday night while the roomies do the social thing. It works for everybody.

9. Best of the Web
Written by the Wall Street Journal's James Taranto, this daily round-up of all things political and humorous in the media makes for a really good read--best of all, its free. Simply go to wsj.com and follow the links to Best of the Web. Sign up and they will email you a copy every day.

10. David McCullough
This is a belated Top 10 listing as McCullough visited campus nearly two weeks ago. Matt (my brother) and I spoke with Mr. McCullough at a breakfast reception where he signed our copies of 1776 and imparted a little advice. It is rare that someone meets expectations and even more rare that they exceed them. As the most renowned popular American historian and winner of two Pulitzer Prizes he could have been exceedingly arrogant. Instead he was incredibly gracious and interested in our educational experience. Thanks Mr. McCullough for leaving a lasting impression.


Anonymous said...

I feel you portrayal of the DVR is not totally accurate. I am not sure that I remember the last time I saw you home on a Saturday not doing the "social thing." Party on Provo.

Marc Sitterud said...

Just wanted to let you know I am here

Laura Williams said...

In response to your comment about the Mariners....well, at least they didn't have 106 losses this season. And when I say 106 losses, I'm of course referring to the Kansas City Royals. We can only go up from this season, though...I hope. Said that last year (104 losses), too. But that's what you get when you're a fan of the worst team in baseball, right?

Laura said...

Someone actually mentioned that book before, but not by name. I'll have to get it and read it during my non-existant free time. And just remember, the next time you're feeling down about the Mariners, remind yourself that they'll probably always be better than the Royals. It'll bring a smile at least.

Here's hoping the Cardinals bite the bullet Wednesday night so I won't have to listen to the annoying high school band kids shove it in my face Friday and Saturday that the Royals got worse and the cards made it to the WS again. Almost makes you miss being at home more than a few weeks out of the year.