04 October 2005

Inaugural Top 10 (apologies to Fox Sports' Chester Voltaire)

1. Black Hell Death
Big ups to Mike Lowe and his demolition of our fantasy football league, broke phi broke. You get the last laugh

2. San Diego State
The Aztecs handed it to us on Saturday--especially humbling our offense. Apologies to those who traveled to see the game (Ammon Sullivan).

3. Kent Breard III
Horrible fantasy football team names aside ("YM'sP"), kent deserves this ranking for getting play right in the middle of the afternoon session of conference on Sunday. Way to go Kenty.

4. Mike Lowe
Mike occupies two spots in this list because of his recent engagement. I can often trace good things back to the state of Washington and this is no exception: Mike's fiancee's mother is from Moses Lake WA.

5. Destructive Female-Named Hurricanes
Thank the powers that be that we haven't had a destructive hurricane named after a dude this year...yet

6. Facebook
The most entertaining waste of time on the web EVER lands in the six spot this week. Depending on how many girls add me as a friend or message me the facebook will move up or down.

7. PJ Wong's
That's right, you know it as P.F. Chang's. Well, I finally remembered (thanks to Matt) who it was that mistakenly called it PJ Wong's--Jesse Jenkins. Jesse, if you had done it on purpose it wouldn't be as funny.

8. Aaron and Kristin Lee Briggs
Call them my cute couple of the week. I haven't seen them since I've been back to school but they are still two of the coolest people I know.

9. Southridge Football
When I kneel down at night I give thanks that at least one of my teams is winning. Its a tough time to be a BYU football/Seattle sports fan. Keep throwing TDs young Munns.

10. My Old Man
On the 10th he hits 50 and he ought to be higher in the rankings. Credit for being able to water ski and snow ski with your twenty-something sons. None of my friends' dads are in good enough shape to do any of that.

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Good Grammer Breard III said...

I am glad i could make the top ten, but i am more joyed that i can walk out of my room, turn right, open your door, and punch you for putting me on the list if i get any bad press from that!