16 October 2005

Another Win

Maybe I didn't overstate things last week when I said the win at NM could be the turning point in the season. Tonight's win against CSU was great and very important for the team and visiting alumni.

I could give the Offensive Game Ball to Curtis Brown this week if only because of his 1st down run on 4th and 2--to say nothing of his 147 yards and 2 TDs. However, I think the man who deserves the OGB is our Offensive Coordinator, Coach Anae. At the end of the first half I looked at the scoreboard and couldn't believe what I saw--we had 158 yards on 27 rushing attempts. For a pass happy offense with the alumni in town expecting to see us air it out, this was a huge shock. The result? We controlled the ball in the first half and shut out a good CSU offense. Coach Anae had the guts to curb his desire to throw it on every down and take advantage of something backup QB Matt Berry pointed out to me earlier in the week--when CB does well, BYU wins.

Defensive Game Ball goes collectively to the entire defense. Strong efforts by the line, linebackers and secondary combined (mentioned before) to shut out CSU in the first half. Were it not for a questionable call on a fumble, an incredibly poor pass interference call and a gift of a TD (was that really a catch?) they would have only scored a single TD. The last three times we played CSU, David Anderson lit us up. This time our secondary played incredibly well against him limiting his touches and effectiveness.

Congrats to the entire football team for showing resilience when in the first quarter two drives ended in turnovers. They could have said, "here we go again" but they didn't. I think Bronco's mindset is beginning to take hold.

On a personal note, late last night Matt and I found out that our old man had somehow acquired four tickets to the BYU v. Notre Dame game. Its a little early, but all I want for my bday is to beat ND. Go Cougs.


Morgan said...

It warmed my heart to watch the last drive of the first half. 10 plays, 9 rushes for 72 yards capped by play-action to the tight end. It felt like my days spent moonlighting as an offensive coordinator during the NCAA 2004 had been reincarnated. Was that Herschel Dennis I saw out there? Oh no it was just Curtis Brown. Holla.

Morgan said...

PS I meant NCAA 2004 SEASON in my previous post. I guess I should proof my posts before pressing enter.

Anonymous said...

BYU is probably the best! I will never forget the year when they did not lose any games.