04 October 2005

Give it a chance

After a whole lot of talk I am finally beginning my blog. Whether it lives up to its mild hype (mostly from me) is a whole other question. The genesis of this blog is my long held desire to have a forum for thoughts and ideas on myriad topics. Should you care to read with any frequency you will find entries on topics ranging from politics, to sports, literature, history, pop culture and everything in between. You will excuse any self-promotion as an obligatory part of any blog. My hope is that entries will be at times serious, humorous and always interesting and entertaining. Regardless of readership, I will have finally found a forum to air the many thoughts and passionately held opinions bouncing around my head. I'm sure my friends and roommates will be grateful they are no longer forced to listen to my diatribes but will be able to take my opinions in more measured and (hopefully) tempered doses. To those who care to read and even comment: thanks.

1 comment:

Fernando Mladineo said...

I'm glad to see that you've got your blog up and running. I'm surprised that you waited this long to do it. In the end, we'll all now know what's going on in your head. Who knows? Maybe you'll rise up the blog ladder and revolutionize politics. ;-)

I've thought about doing one myself, except I just can't find the time right now. Plus, I wouldn't have anything of worth to say. Well, I'll check your site out more this weekend. As for now, good job. Later.