23 October 2005

South Bend Top 10

From my desk in the Standard Club of Chicago, this week's Top 10...

1. USC
Dear Sons of Troy: Can you be beat? You killed my Huskies. Next week you will embarrass my Cougars (WSU). Who will win the Heisman--Matt "thanks for the push" Leinart or Reggie "I just made you look silly on national television" Bush? Thank you for letting me jump on your bandwagon.

2. Seattle Seahawks
I told you they would beat the Cowgirls, and they did. I talked to kicker Josh Brown before the game and told him he was going to have the chance to redeem himself for losing the Redskins game. I suggested that if he lost another game I was going to banish him to the Vikings. Looks like my pep talk had the desired effect, he was 2-2 with kicks of 50 and 55 yards--game ball goes to JB.

3. Notre Dame
I haven't been to many BYU away games (USC, UNLV, Utah, Notre Dame) but ND has been the best experience (minus the loss). The fans were great and helpful, giving directions and good-natured jabs. I was impressed with how classy and friendly everyone was. It started with the students in the airport in Atlanta and continued in the same vein the whole weekend. The Salt Lake Tribune's Gordon Monson had the best take on the game: "If there's a finer place and time on God's green earth to take in a college football game than on a Saturday afternoon under a blue-but-mostly-gray October sky at Knute Rockne's house, it's unimaginable.
Nor is there a finer time and place to take it in the shorts."

4. My Boss
Thank the powers that be for a boss who understands that sometimes you need to miss work so you can go to the BYU vs. ND game in South Bend. Thanks a bunch KB. Thanks also to my fellow TAs who filled in for me in lab on Friday. Y'all are awesome.

5. BYU girls
My brother and I walked ND campus with my dad for about 4 hours before the start of the game and didn't see anything to compare to what we have back in Utah Co. Maybe they were sleeping off the last night's activities?

Are you like me? Do you check OL&L several times a day just to read the comments? I read everything everyone writes and am always entertained and often amused, even laughing out loud. I think its safe to say that the comments are more interesting than my posts.

7. Chicago Deep Dish Pizza
With the ox in the mire we were forced to go to Giordano's for dinner. I've had deep dish-style pizza at places in Washington and Utah and it doesn't even come close. Its worth mentioning that the cutest-coolest girls we saw all weekend met us for dinner--friends of ours attending Northwestern--thanks Hayley and Ashley.

8. Delta Airlines
They used to give you a meal on trips going cross country--now they just give one of a choice of snacks. Thank you Gladys from Atlanta for giving me "all of the above." I was hungry.

9. Brady Quinn
I'll take heat from my Catholic friends for dropping him so low on the list, but this list is already heavy on praise for ND. Before the game I tried to trick BQ and JS into having a bad game telling Quinn, "good luck Brady, don't throw any picks," and to Samardzija, "don't drop the ball Jeff, you pretty boy." I guess they didn't know I was being sarcastic.

10. Homework and Tests
What's better than going home to midterms and history papers? Nothing, that's what.
I guess you didn't know I was being sarcastic.


marc said...

I would like to see a little more respect to have been shown for the cowboys defense. They shut down the seahawks offense for 59 min. But i will give credit where credit is due. the seahawks are tough and deserved the win after last year.

Fernando said...

BYU Girls... they're one of a kind. I believe we have le crème de la récolte — Mormon style. Seriously, where do you find so many hot babes? Just take the hottest girls from most areas and boom... that's P-town for you. Unfortuantely, we get so used to this that we take it for granted...

Kalie said...

I'm always so amused by your blogs, jacob. Thanks for being such an enjoyable read... And come by my apartment sometime Saturday night for a Halloween party. Only requirment is that you wear a mask. Sure do love ya!

Kayla said...

jake, i don't know if i can be in your class anymore....you're ragging on my trojans!! maybe i'm a little biased coming from california and all, but you've got to admit that USC has some great talent, and will for years to come. they've got a lot of young guys that have the potential of being great, especially under the direction of pete carroll. and yes, i'm sure you're bitter about the win over Notre Dame, but it was well fought out....true Trojan spirit was shown in those last seconds.

Matt said...


Does "jump on your bandwagon" means something entirely different in California...?

Perhaps you ought to re-read the latest blog post, I see no Trojan-ragging, which may be something entirely different having nothing to do with football.

Fernando said...

hey, hey, no dissing California... we all know that so cal rules. peace and love, not hate.

Kayla said...

yeah. i re-read your post after i had posted my comment and realized that you do like USC football, but the whole labeling of matt and reggie kind of threw me off, hence the reason for my post.

Kent Breard III said...

Jake, as is customary now fore me, i am going to break down your top ten...

number 1.. I never saw you being a bandwagon fan, but i guess i am wrong, sure you can hope reggie wins the heisman, but you cant jump on the bandwagon.. thats just not right!

number 2... I am not sure, but i think that the seagulls are going to come up just short of the playoffs, while the cowgirls make the postseason..

number 3... I am glad you got to see a school with some decent football roots and see that football away from the west coast is better

number 4... classy, good job

number 5... Of the girls i know at notre dame, i want to go there, not saying anything against my happy valley girls in the 'vo... i just dig the cathlic school girls..

number 6... Enjoy this comment!

number 7... Why did you not bring me any pizza, they have to go boxes?? i love chi town and its famous pizza

number 8... just a little history leason for you, Guess where Delta Airlines started... you dont know, let me tell you, Monroe, Louisiana.. AKA.. The birthplace of your best roommate!

number 9... Brady desereves more than he gets, but in what world is Jeff Samardzija a pretty boy?? i think i want to rip fabio's hair out if where the DB covering him!

number 10.. want to drop out of school with me, we can start a whole new top ten where you make them, and i break the down for the people??? think about it

until next time...