03 November 2008

The Closer: Minnesota In Play?

They always said John McCain played well as an underdog. And it looks like this election is no different. From everything I can gather, trends are moving his direction. I guess the only question is whether or not there is enough time.

The latest news out of Minnesota, home of this year's RNC, suggests that state may be in play.
60 hours until votes are counted in Minnesota, Barack Obama’s advantage over John McCain is back inside the margin of sampling error, according to SurveyUSA’s final look at one of 2008’s most interesting states. Obama 49%, McCain 46%, in interviewing underwritten by KSTP-TV in Minneapolis, WDIO-TV Duluth and KAAL-TV Rochester, 10/30/08 through 11/01/08. Obama led by 6 two weeks ago, now by 3. The late break to the GOP is occurring among men and seniors.
Yup. We got an election on our hands.

I'm not prepared to add Minnesota to the list of 5, but if you're from Minnesota, by all means, GOTV. If you live close (Dakotas, etc.) and feel like you speak the language (northern continental American), you too should call Minnesotans. Even if we can't get the state to go for McCain, the least we can do is keep that idiot Franken out of the Senate.

(h/t Hot Air)

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