05 November 2008

Alaskans Hate Democrats

Wow. Alaskans would rather elect a felon than a Democrat.

Personally, I'd trade Ted Stevens for one of the other losing Republican Senators. I hope he was just acting as a place-holder and will soon announce his retirement, so Alaska can have a new race and elect a good Republican.

Ted Stevens is part of the reason we lost in 2006 and this year--this image of Republican corruption and spendthriftery.

In Minnesota, it looks like Norm Coleman going to beat Al Franken. The AP is calling it for Coleman, but with this close of a margin, plan on a recount.

With 75% reporting, Gordon Smith is up on Jeff Merkley. In the past, I've expressed my disappointment in Smith's stance on the war. Last night, while chatting with my brother, I mentioned that it wouldn't hurt me too bad to see him lose. He quickly pointed out that Smith is better than any Democrat alternative. He's right. And, a Smith win makes the filibuster that much easier to maintain.

I'm sorry to report that Dino Rossi did not win in WA. Though he outperformed John McCain by 80,000 votes, in the end, it just was not enough to overcome all of the other things stacked against him and Republicans generally. He's a great candidate, and would have made a fantastic governor, but it's probably too much to ask that he run again in 2012.

He should have won the first time around.

My district rep, Doc Hastings, won again. And Dave Reichert, the lone Republican on the West side is up by 400 votes or so with 40% reporting from his district. Cross your fingers.

The so-called "death with dignity" initiative passed meaning WA joins OR as a place you can go to legally kill yourself. That's something to be proud of. I can see the visitors bureau slogan now, "Welcome to Washington, proudly offing the weak and enfeebled since 2008!"

In California, Proposition 8, the other Big Thing I supported this cycle, is up 52-48 and looks like it will pass. I cannot express to you how relieved and happy and grateful I am at this result.

Look on the bright side, folks. And Remember, we are Happy Warriors. We lost the big one, won a few little, but important ones, and we live to fight another day.

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