04 November 2008

President Barack Obama

Congratulations to Barack Obama and all his supporters. I honestly hope that he can live up to his many expectations. I hope that he turns out to be as smart and post-partisan as many of you have argued.

I don't believe it, but a guy can hope, right?

More than anything else, I hope Barack Obama is able to put aside the racial grievance politics exemplified by Al Sharpton, Jesse Jackson, & Rev. Jeremiah Wright.

I hope he can help the African-American community leave these guys in the past.

Also, I just got done listening to Juan Williams, a Democrat for whom I have a lot of respect and I basically agree with him. It is an amazing thing to see an African-American man become the President of the United States.

To quote my man Yogi Berra: "only in America."

Honestly and sincerely, I'll be praying for Barack Obama.

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