02 November 2008

GOTV - It's Great!

Just got done with another hour's worth of calling from my computer*. It really is great. In the entire hour, only one person has hung up and the vast majority listen to what I have to say. The only ones who've interrupted me are the ones who tell me "you damn well better believe I'm voting for John McCain on Tuesday."

Thank you, sir.

This is American democracy at its finest--getting out the vote for the candidate we believe it.

Can I say better than that? I think not.

*You don't have to call from your computer. The only purpose of the computer is to provide the names and numbers of people to call in your chosen state.

I recommend one of the following 5 states:
- Colorado
- Pennsylvania
- Viriginia
- Nevada
- Ohio
Do it, just do it.

If you have tips, questions, comments or suggestions, email me at lybberty@gmail.com.