25 February 2008

Obama's Somali Dress: Harbinger Of Things To Come?

Mirroring, in physical terms, the political battle being waged between Hillary and Barack, two brother's in law fought, with the Clinton supporter eventually stabbing the Barack supporter in the stomach. At least it wasn't in the back, right?

(hat tip: dmz)

Clinton(ite) Stabs (Obama Supporter)

Yeah, dems, we're SO jealous of your two awesome, awesome candidates.

[schadenfreude alert]

After 16 or so years of seeing the Clinton attack machine bully conservatives (to the shameful delight of their party), we suppose we feel the same way about Hillary's attacks on Barack as we do when we hear of a terrorist accidentally blowing himself up with his own bomb.

Isn't it great to see one of the Clintons complain about media bias? Incidentally, the Clinton team is right, the press is unabashedly backing their candidate, Barack. Just like they would do if it were Hillary vs. McCain in the general election (salute).

If you haven't seen it already, check out the SNL sketch parodying the media love for Obama. Good stuff.

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Spikers said...

The best part about the stabbing story is that the Clinton supporter was a registered Republican.

Branden B. said...

A popular American History textbook explaining the post-Philadelphia convention battle to ratify the Constitution reads:

"The Federalists soon hit upon a winning strategy. They would avoid rhetorical displays and empty bombast (the Anti-Federalists would become famous for both) and simply argue the merits of their case. On street corners, in alehouses, at public rostrums, the Federalists patiently answered their critics point by point, explaining how the Constitution not only created a strong, workable republican government but also adequately addressed the long-standing Republican problem."

I hope a similar strategy will be effective from here to November.

Ben Treasure said...

If you aren't jealous of two viable candidates, then where is the Lybberty post lauding the credentials of a President Mccain? Put your money where your mouth is.