21 February 2008

"Name Barack Obama's Legislative Accomplishments"

Normally, we dislike Chris Matthews. But there's nothing wrong with this interview.

(But he edited the Harvard Law Review!)

Are you like us? Do you feel like Obama is the kid in college who is still talking about high school? We're told (hat tip: Morgan) those kids are called "high school heroes."

We like the sound of that: Barack Obama, high school hero.

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Spikers said...

Barack Obama arguably has a stronger record as a State Senator than as a U.S. Senator. But that is not say that Obama has done nothing as a U.S. senator. It is just sad that Senator Watson didn't take the time even read Obama's website.

While I am not an Obama supporter, I believe he would make a good President. Obama is incredibly intelligent. His academic accomplishments are astounding. His success as a practicing lawyer is to envied. Obama is the best communicator since Reagan, and the most inspiring leader since JFK. He is an impressive speaker, and by all accounts is a good man. He appears to love his family, respect God and understand the average joe. What is not to like?

jody said...

I agree that this video implies a lack of success when, in fact, it implies a lack of intelligent interviewees.

If we wish to present a discussion of Obama I think it might be more fair to offer somthing less extreem and more hard fact based than these last few posts.

It might encourage comments to emulate that style, and encourage communication with one another instead of communication at one another.

Branden B. said...

If voting record can be used as a proxy measure of a legislator's independent and progressive thinking, Mr. Obama cannot be seen an effective potential leader of our country. Personally, I have a lot of appreciation for those, both liberal and conservative, who approach each issue from their own unique perspective and not simply accept the typical party line. Mr. Lybbert has consistently used this reasoning in his support of Mr. Lieberman. While I admit that Mr. Obama's educational and professional achievements are not trivial, I am confused at the lack of independent thinking Mr. Obama has shown during his short public service.

Conversely, the quality in John McCain that I most admire is his willingness to tell the Conservative establishment to take a hike when his personal views are at odds with the party line.

Christopher said...

Obama refuses to wear the 'American Flag Pin' on his jacket.

People really want to vote for someone who hates the Flag?

We are in for a crappy 4 - 8 years.

jody said...

It is endlessly discouraging that you consider the presidency won or lost at this point in the game.