13 February 2008

Barack Obama's Cult Of Personality

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Love this cartoon.

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MJ said...

I bet you do.

Read this please sir:

Sonics Death Watch
Vol. V

by Sherman Alexie

Professional basketball fans, by choice and circumstance, celebrate black masculinity. But certain fans celebrate only a less-threatening black masculinity. When it comes to basketball, those fans only admire black hoopsters who play the game "the right way."

And, yes, I too love the pick-and-roll, help defense, and the midrange jump shot. If this were poetry, we'd refer to those basics as rhyme and meter.

But in the professional game, the best players also create in free verse. They are improvisational geniuses. They play beyond the boundaries of the game. They are dangerous.

If Barack Hussein Obama wins the Democratic presidential nomination, we're going to find out what kind of hoopster poet he is. And I refer to Obama by his full name because the right-wingers will create campaign ads that fill our airwaves with that scary middle name. They'll show blurry photos of Muslim men, potential terrorists, who may have once shared a classroom with Obama. Netflix will have to order 10,000 more copies of The Manchurian Candidate to fill the requests of conservative cinemaniacs.

White liberals love Obama because he's not dangerous; white conservatives want to make him dangerous. Let's see who wins.

danny dlx said...

Hey on the sporting note, can someone tell me why the Republicans went after Brian Macnamee instead of Roger Clemmens. Here's just another case of the good ol' boys club trying to protect one of their own instead of doing what is obviously correct. It is this mindset that continues to hold back the Republican Party.

dmz said...

You mean the same Clemens who through his buddy pettite and his wife under the bus? Besides, lybbert alread wrote a post about how much of a bully Clemens is.