08 February 2008

Charles Barkley, Great American

Charles Barkley is the only reason we watch basketball on TNT. He is smart and funny. And now, it appears we have something in common with Sir Charles: neither of us like Jesse Jackson or Al Sharpton (click here & here for examples).

From the NY Post Page 6, this fantastic quote from Charles Barkley
, future Governor of Alabama regarding Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton:
I don't believe in them. They always play the race card, and you can't always play the race card, sometimes the race card is needed but not in every situation. We have to hold blacks more accountable for their actions.
We have disliked the influence held by "black leaders" Jesse Jackson & Al Sharpton. So we appreciate anyone who has the guts to stand up to them and their cronies. Props to Charles Barkley and good luck in his future race for the governorship.

Now, watch for the thought police of the left to demonize Barkley, just like they demonized Bill Cosby, Thomas Sowell, and Clarence Thomas before him.

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Spikers said...

Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton are increasingly irrelevant. For decades, the civil rights movement relied on pastors and reverends for support. Indeed, these and other early civil rights leaders changed our nation forever. But in today's world, these figures are not the center of the movement. Young successful African Americans are now the driving force behind the civil rights movement. They stand on the accomplishments of the previous generation, but are not dependent on reverends that used to control the movement. Barack Obama, for example, benefited from the civil rights movement, but is in no way dependent on last generations leaders. Instead, he used his intelligence and drive to succeed at an ivy league law school, teach at the prestigious Chicago Law School, served in the Legislature, and now is perhaps the favorite in the Presidential election. It is men and women like Barack that will continue the civil rights movement. Not by playing the race card, but by succeeding in society based on their achievements, intellect, education, and aspirations.

larry kudlow said...

lybbert loves this topic. he especially loves clarence thomas who like Obama, chafed at the self righteous attitude of people like Jackson and Sharpton.

Sean Hannity said...

Hey Lybbert, this business is only big enough for one self-righteous demagogue. What with your "Great American" rip-off, pigheaded stance on issues, and unabashed self promotion through the media, you're beginning to sound just like me and I'm not currently looking for a young eager ideologue to mentor at this point, so piss off.

D. Wirthlin said...

Wake up fellow Mormons! In case you didn't know, the Mayan (Lamanite) calendar ends in the year 2012 and portends much calamity and destruction. Now that Mitt Romney has dropped out and is saving some dry powder for 2012, I predict he will return to Washington in that year and rescue the Constitution from the impending doom brought about by the liberals who have been leading us astray for all these years. According to prophecy, a Mormon will rescue the Constitution as it hangs in the balance and I think Romney will rescue it sometime between 2012-2020 from the damning clutches of either Hillary or Obama. This leaves some room for a prediction of stability or chaos for a few years until 2032 which is a likely year for the return of Christ. I could go through the biblical pointing toward the year 2032 that my seminary teacher showed me, but we all know that Christ said no one can predict the exact day, so let's just know that the Constitution needs to be saved and then we must prepare for Armageddon. We are the LATTER DAY SAINTS people! We are living in the end times and the great battle is about to take place. Watch and prepare and be ready for Mitt in 2012- the year of the end of the Lamanite calendar! He will escalate the conflict with the anti-Christ elements in the the Middle East and will prepare the way for the cleansing return of the Prince of Peace.

Mike from DC said...

Personally, I think maybe Lybbert is a BIGOT and Thomas, Cosby, Barkeley and Sowel are a bunch of UNCLE TOMS.

Justin said...

Mike from DC,

Bigot sounds like a bad word. Can you provide a definition of bigot and a reason for why you think Lybbert is one? I have had my own criticisms of his positions in the past, but I feel his actions are consistent with his beliefs. Maybe your experience has been different from mine and I would be interested to read additional comments from you. Thanks.

jacob pingel said...

Jake, honestly I've lost a lot of respect for Sir Charles ever since he kissed that old old referee on the lips at the all-star game or something. I saw a clip of it and thought it was the most awkward thing I have ever seen. Sure maybe it was a sign of his appreciation for all of the many years he has so valiantly refereed in this league, but couldn't he have shown his appreciation in some other way like sending the man an oxygen tank rather than giving him mouth to mouth. The whole incident reminded me of Talladega Nights and that awkward awkward kissing scene with Will Ferrell and Sasha Baron Cowen. So as far as being a great american hero I just can't bring myself to put him in the same category as say Bobby Fisher the chess master!

MJ said...

As a Lakers fan, it is often difficult to digest what Sir Charles is feeding me. And I have a healthy TNT diet. When 34 wasn't getting into bar fights, throwing down quarter-pounders, and having illegitimate children (yes, he is just like Justice Thomas) he was jogging down the court and forcing his teams to play half-court basketball.

While I do have trouble with some of the positions taken by those popular reverends, are you HONESTLY going to compare their contributions to Chuck's??? For some reason my browser won't let me view the section of your article highlighting the positive work done for Americans, Christians, and struggling foreigners. I would rather look at ESPN/ABC's (Disney) Stephen A. Smith who reminds us that most issues in America today are RACIAL and not RACIST. This is a line which we must remember when we are discussing such issues...

Before you start hitting the Alabama campaign trail for Sir Charles, please consider some of his other sparkling remarks:

- "This is my schedule: I wake up in the morning, decide where to play golf and drink beer all day."

- "They say it about brothers, but I can guarantee everybody in Finland look alike."

- On North Carolina missing 22 of its last 23 shots in losing to Georgetown in the NCAA tournament last weekend: "Stevie Wonder could make one of 23 shots."

- On one of (Univ. of WA star) Nate Robinson's dunks during All Star weekend: "Any time a little midget does something like this, you gotta give him a 10!"

MJ said...

Found in your comments section:

"rescue the Constitution from the impending doom brought about by the liberals who have been leading us astray for all these years."

- DW, these are the kind of statements that are driving a major wedge in modern politics. You sound like Rush! (yuck!)

JP, I too love Bobby Fisher (yeah ChestMasters without chest hair), and trust me, Sasha Baron Cohen has MUCH worse kisses in his portfolio.

A few more Barkley quotes for your readers....

- On Iraq: "It's an easy call for me. We've got to get out of Iraq. [Saddam Hussein] is dead. That situation hasn't gotten better. So, anything that the Republicans say about the war in Iraq -- it's just bogus. I mean, it's a terrible situation. We've got a lot of innocent kids getting killed over there, and we're never going to be safe over there."

- "Any time something bad happens to a black person because of racism, I feel it in my soul. I really do. You take the Abner Louima case. That let me know one thing: If some white guys wanted to stick a plunger up a black guy's butt, and I'm the black guy who happened to be around, I'd have a plunger up my butt."