10 February 2008

We Aren't Just Self-Promoters...

...we're friend-promoters, too.

Our friend, Michael J. Mouncer, who blogs for Gooses Ganders (a Friend of Lybberty), recently produced a music video for the Blakes. The song is "Don't Bother Me" and it will be appear on MTV2's Subterranean late tonight.

Congrats to MJ. And to the rest of you: watch it.

*UPDATE 8:20pm MST: For the Marxist in the family, cruise on over to The People's Cube and take their Fun With Quotes: Interactive Collective Quiz.

**UPDATE 11 February 2008 1:01am MST: We just checked and the 27 comments registered under last week's post about Romney dropping out of the Republican primary broke the previous OL&L comment record of 26. Way to go, everybody! Keep up the good work and let's see if we can push that record to 28, or something.

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jen said...

I've heard the Blakes. Good music. Thanks for letting me know about the video.

Jack said...

That video is hot!!! Great recommendation, your friend is very talented!