29 February 2008

BYUSA Elections

It's that time of year again. Time for the BYUSA student elections for President and Executive(?) Vice President. We've written about this annual train wreck before here and here. In microcosm, BYUSA's strict campaign rules are an example of what happens when speech is limited by rules no one understands.

Only, they can't blame John McCain.

The first BYUSA election we can remember was significant because one of the guys looked like Robert Downey Jr. When it's a show election for a show office, might as well have a face primed for showtime.

After that, we remember another BYUSA President who was the funny fat guy. Everybody loves that guy.

This year's election theme seems to be brother/sister teams. Check out the candidates and their platforms here:
You'll be surprised not to see "hope" and "change" anywhere (at least that we could detect) on their websites. Even if they're not Democrats, you'd think they'd know a winning superficial campaign message when they see it. And copy it.

As it is, Steele and Amanda misspell "initiaition" [sic] and Paul and Brooke's flash slideshow resulted in this really weird transgender morphing action. Initiation? Come on, guys. And Paul, buddy, you're scaring the kids.

Alright, we're equal opportunity grammar/spelling police: McKell Myers was "Chairmen [sic] of the Teenage Republican Club for Comal County." Brandon Roman is an "extravert" and a political science major. Meanwhile, Adam Ruri was a "male vocalist in a band." (emphasis added) Yup. We sort through the inanities of this campaign so you don't have to.

Click here and here for the Daily Universe's usual hard-hitting journalism.

We have modest goals for this election: an election-decided winner. This would be a departure from the winner-by-default outcome of the last few years.

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Jim Tressel said...

I attended an Obama rally in Southern Ohio yesterday and wanted to pass along some of the patriotic messages I heard. Perhaps, the BYU candidates could plagiarize these?

Alienate our biggest trading partners and erect trade barriers....."Yes we can!"

Become unconditional friends with angry despots....."Yes we can!"

Pull out of Iraq and then go back when the situation deteriorates further....."Yes we can!"

jody said...

At the risk of appearing bitter:

My grandfather was a student body president at BYU and was able to accomplish many things because he was allowed to do much more than the student body organization is today. The special collections at the Lee Library, and the covered seating in the Wilkenson Center were all part of his contribution during his service. He was also involved in hiring a new football coach and at a time when BYU's football program needed help.

My frustrtion with BYUSA is not just about their voting policies. The lack of any ability to make any significant impact is what is really lacking. If the organization is a joke; why take it seriously in any way?

MJ said...

Looking at the pages, I don't understand how these guys won...How did they get past the Myers & Myers promise of free food during finals? Actually, McKell is quite striking, very datable, if you can get past the strong resemblance to her brother.

Im surprised you didn't beat your Adam and your Chase up for using typical campaign rhetoric (as you routinely do Hill and Barack Hussein Obama)...I mean come on, Initiative 2 of their platform was more school spirit? Really?

Mindy said...

So quick to cast stones at complete strangers for actually trying to make a difference. I know several of the people you have poked-fun at very well, and it just shows a lack of class on your behalf. Way to be a Christ-like, kind Mormon.