08 February 2008

OL&L On BYUTV's BYU Weekly

Thanks to our friend EJB (and LC), we will appear in this week's edition of BYU Weekly.

(We suppose this will settle, once and for all, the debate about our multiple personality which manifests itself in the use of the editorial or royal first personal plural.)

In it, we talked about our inclusion in the America's Future Foundation College Blogger Contest 2008 and our experience at grad school in London. BYU Weekly was interested in how BYU is being represented here and around the world.

You can watch BYU Weekly at 4:30pm MST on Dish channel 9403 and DirectTV channel 374. Additional broadcast times can be found here (scroll down, in "additional resources, BYU Television). If you don't have DirectTV or Dish, click here to find out about BYU TV availability in your area.

Thank you for your continued support.

*UPDATE 8:12pm MST: We've got conflicting reports about the airtime of this show. The Dish listing and the internet say 4:30pm MST, but our friend EJB and her producer Ben say 4pm MST. To be safe, set your Tivo to record the entire hour. According to our email from him, it will also run at the following times:

February 09 at 4 PM on BYU-TV
February 10 at 9 AM on BYU-TV
February 10 at 2:30 PM on KBYU-TV
February 11 at 5 PM on BYU -TV
February 12 at 6 PM on BYU -TV
February 12 at 9 PM on BYU -TV
February 13 at 11 AM on BYU -TV

**UPDATE 9 February 2008, 2:49pm MST: It's definitely airing at 4:30pm today.

If you have tips, questions, comments, suggestions, or requests for subscription only articles, email us at lybberty@gmail.com.


larry kudlow said...

you really ARE a media whore

jen said...

Can't wait!

jody said...

"Deep in the mountains" ..."surrounded by nature." Seriously? Or great on TV?

tiny tim said...

what are the requirements for this contest? and how the heck did they let you in, grandpa?

MJ said...

I don't know about you all being media whores yet, though I am VERY delighted to learn you are crossing over to my favorite medium...

AND I now have a reason to watch BYUTV (well...other than to watch pretty blonde girls compete in Volleyball and Gymnastics at 2AM)

Im setting the Slingbox as soon as I depress the post button!!!

Brittany and Jen! said...

We just found out about the show. Very exciting! Can't wait to see you on TV sexy!!!!