15 January 2008

John McWhorter on Race & Al Sharpton

This afternoon Juan Williams and John McWhorter were on From Fox News with Laura Ingraham discussing the ongoing racial-tinged spat between Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama (we first blogged about it here), what we called yesterday, the Democrat Dust-up. McWhorter had some particularly interesting things to say about the 'old racial guard black leaders' (read: Al Sharpton, Jesse Jackson):
I love this interesting idea people seem to have that Al Sharpton will somehow help determine the black vote as if he were a boss, a white boss in some old city. I mean the fact of the matter is there are no new Al Sharptons, if you think about it. And certainly an Obama presidency would presumably be one where we got beyond that sort of thing. It'd be interesting to see if nobody actually kowtowed to him, they'd notice that everything went exactly the same. The man is an entertainer, not an actual thinking person.
It's nice to see that not all African-Americans look to Sharpton and Jackson as the arbiters of black America. If only patronizing white liberals were so open minded.

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