29 November 2005

U2 Sucks

At BYU where U2 is king (and has been for the last 20 years), I am often derided when I say that I do not like their music. And I don't think Bono does much good advocating debt relief for tyrants and whatever else it is that he does. Here's a great piece from Best of the Web, the Indianapolis Star, and Blender magazine.
"Irish rocker Bono says Canadian Prime Minister Paul Martin's inability to further increase foreign aid mystifies him, especially when he's facing an election in a country that clearly favors more foreign aid," the Associated Press reports from Ottawa:

Bono said he was heartened by polls suggesting most Canadians support a boost to foreign aid. He wants Canada to increase foreign contributions to 0.7 percent of its gross domestic product.

That would more than triple the $2.5 billion Canada spends on foreign aid each year.

Meanwhile, the Indianapolis Star reports that "when U2 singer Bono found himself in Italy without his favorite hat, he spent $1,700 to have it flown to his side--first class." And if Bono can spend that kind of money for a lousy hat, is it really too much to expect every taxpayer to cough up at least as much for foreign aid?
That Bono, a true humanitarian.

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kent said...

I agree U2 really sucks... they should be killed and as a world we should collectlivley try to remove them from our memories... please, they suck