10 November 2005

Scorpion Watch

This story has become a favorite among some of us here at BYU, mostly because of its ending--"you knew what I was..." Here's an excerpt from a column today by Stephen Moore (Political Diary).

Regarding the business interests you have supported Democrats campaigning on increasing taxes, he says:
This trendy impulse in the business community of supporting pro-tax candidates appears to be spreading throughout the country. In Michigan, for example, industry groups are splintering from Republicans in the legislature in order to seek special tax breaks and corporate welfare handouts.

In the end, the Chamber of Commerce folks and the Fortune 500 lobbyists don't seem to understand that, when they help elect pro-tax Democrats, they also elect a slate of anti-free trade, pro-regulation and class warfare candidates. These newly elected politicians are like scorpions: They will sting the very business groups who helped carry them into the winner's circle at their earliest convenience. Conservatives can hardly be blamed if they refuse to rescue the corporatist turncoats from this fate.

Hopefully Republicans can figure things out before next year's elections--the ones that really count.

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Matt said...

"I really like you," she says. "I thought there was something between us," she whines. "I don't get it," she pines.

His response, "You knew what I was..."