08 August 2008

Yup, He's A Democrat

At least part of the reason the public viewed (until recently) the Democrat Party more favorably than the Republicans is because of the way the MSM treats Democratic cautionary tales.

Take, for example, Detroit mayor Kwame Kilpatrick.

Tom Blumer of NewsBusters.com, reported earlier today
Previous NewsBusters posts by Brent Baker and Rusty Weiss have noted the "strange" and nearly complete memory loss exhibited by the TV networks (with the expected exception of fair and balanced Fox News) and the Associated Press concerning the political party affiliation of just-jailed Detroit Mayor Kwame Kilpatrick.

The New York Times's record during the past seven months has been almost equally disgraceful.
Click the link for the full list of the NYT's complete omission of party identifiers.

This, folks, is the MSM theme: Schadenfreude (R), when it's a Republican.

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Silence, when it's a Democrat.

"Breaking news" that John Edwards (former Democrat candidate for President) is another example. This is the breaking story that wasn't.

Anyone who even casually surfs the blogosphere, Drudge, or Fox News has known about this for some time. But because of an LA Times gag order and the fact that he wasn't a former Republican candidate for President has kept the MSM on the sideline.

Cue the liberal apologists and moral relativists. (oxymoron, we know)

Would this story have even leaked if it weren't for Drudge, the conservative blogosphere, and Fox News?

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