19 August 2008

Stanley Kurtz With Bill Bennett On Barack Obama & Bill Ayers

The University of Illinois will not allow Stanley Kurtz to examine the documents of Bill Ayers organization for which Barack Obama was Chairman. Kurtz has a general idea of what are in the papers--he was forwarded a research guide--but without access, doesn't know the details and the specifics. This smacks of a cover-up.

We predict that by the time someone, Kurtz, anyone gets access to these papers, that they will be shredded, misplaced, whatever.

Kurtz's informed guess as to the contents? He believes it will reveal a document that shows why Ayers wanted Obama as as chairman and correspondence between the two. There will also be information about other radical organizations to which Obama funneled money.

Yup, this is the guy Democrats nominated to be POTUS.

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