10 July 2008

Jesse Jackson Feels Threatened

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Regarding Rev. Jackson's threat to cut off Obama's you-know-whats, well, we definitely side with Senator Obama. Obviously the good reverend means this metaphorically, but still, does he think the secret service will even let him get close to Sen. Obama?

Per the New York Post, Jackson doesn't like the fact that Obama encourages young black men to be good fathers and recently "told students to stick with school and forget about careers as rap stars or pro basketball players."

Yeah, that's really bad advice, Senator Obama. What were you thinking?

Don't gets us wrong. We've listened to speeches and read others in which Obama does come across as incredibly condescending, but this wasn't one of them.

What "black leader" Jesse Jackson doesn't like about Obama is that a successful Obama, whose rhetoric about self-reliance more closely mimics Bill Cosby's than Jackson's and Sharpton's, threatens his status. To our mind, this might be the only positive resulting from an Obama win in November--a purge of the Jesse Jackson/Al Sharpton hate mongering among the black community.

Or, if his Rev. Wright/Father Pfleger connections are any indication, it could get worse. Who knows?

Either way:

Barack Obama > Jesse Jackson


Democratically Elected President > Self Appointed Racist Hate Monger

*UPDATE 11 July 12:18am: After thinking for awhile about Rev. Jackson's whispered threat, we realized that this had deeper meaning than originally thought. Roots--a book we've read and documentary we've viewed (twice)--has a particularly shocking scene where the main character Kunta Kinte, having run away and been caught for a second time, is given the choice of cutting off part of his foot, leaving him unable to even walk normally, or castration. He chooses the former. The author, Alex Haley wasn't just making up this little bit of drama. Castration, or the threat thereof, was a frequent practice of the slaving type to keep the slaves in check.

The Reverend Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton preach a particularly vile doctrine of hate and modern racism designed not to uplift and aid, but to keep under their thumb the very people they claim to help. Whatever else we (or anyone) may think about Obama's politics (we don't like them, at all), the mere fact that a black man in America is the leading candidate for the highest office in the land is a repudiation of everything for which Jackson stands.

But here again, Obama's past raises its ugly head.

Where do Reverend Wright and Father Pfleger fit in? Like everyone else, we would like to believe that Senator Obama is above and beyond the racist politics of Jackson & co. But his history leads us to conclude otherwise. Instead of bring change and hope to America and especially African Americans, the fear we have is that he will simply ensconce in the Presidency the attitudes embodied by Wright & Pfleger.

These are the tremendous risks you run when you elect someone who aspires to be more than just the next President of the United States.

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Ben Treasure said...

This is exactly why Jesse Jackson is so incensed over Obama-mania. No more Rainbow-Push dogma dictating the social progress (slowing it to a hault) of an entire racial demographic in this country.

One recommendation: Again, stop citing Barack "Hussein" Obama. Yes, it is his name. No, it is not relevant. Every time I read that I shudder at the realization that you are still trying to make that somehow relevant.

RD said...

I was very glad when Jackson made this stunt. I hope it makes him even less relevant than he already is.

I also agree with Jake that the Obama campaign is more than a presidential campaign. This merging of presidential candidate and racial hero is problematic, I think, because it means many will vote for him for reasons unrelated to qualifications for the presidency. I felt much the same way about the Mormon support for Romney, but I think it's a much bigger deal with Obama.

Anonymous said...

I agree with Ben - what's your point in always pointing out "Hussein" as Barack's middle name? Are your opinions so weak that you need to add the scare tactic of a name? What's John McCains's middle name? You see, we don't care what his middle name is.

Move on with something important - like whether Barack wears boxers or briefs.

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