19 July 2008

Barack Obama: Guitar Hero Candidate

And finally, a little unintentional honesty from Obama Senior Advisor, Jenny Backus re: Senator Obama's Guitar Hero performance at the 2004 Democrat convention:
No one more than Barack Obama understands how important it is to deliver a convention speech well. He [Sen. Obama] wouldn't be where he is if he didn't know how to deliver convention speeches.
If you're nodding your head while reading this thinking, "yeah, isn't he (Obama) awesome?(!)" then you won't get our point.

But flip this around for a moment and imagine if these words dropped from the mouth of a Senior McCain Advisor. The Obamaniacs over at Daily Kos would be up in arms and blogging about how he's more than just his smash hit speech of 2004--that he's about HOPE and CHANGE and JFK-reincarnate and whatever other buzzword Team Obama has been field testing in Berkeley and Eugene.

And the more we think about it, Guitar Hero is a pretty good metaphor (analogy?) for what Senator Obama brings to the table: over-the-top performance & zero actual skill.

We just have to hope Americans don't hand him the real goblet of rock this November. They may find, like Guitar Hero enthusiasts everywhere, his "skill set" doesn't translate to the real thing.

*UPDATE 9:39pm PST: This probably deserves it's own post. Oh well, here it is, Barack Obama playing Guitar Hero. There's no denying, he's really good.

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