08 April 2008

Barack Hussein Obama Part Deux

We're still catching flak for using Obama's middle name, which is, of course, fine. You only have to have been reading for the last couple of months to understand why we do it--and it has nothing to do with making political hay. For those who have forgotten or simply didn't know, please see this post:

Barack Hussein [bad satire] Obama

We think we pretty well made all the relevant points in that post and repeating them here would only serve to belabor the issue. Heaven knows we do enough of that with everything else; we'll give you a break this time.

One point: does anyone know anyone for whom Obama's middle name is an election deal-breaker?


Personally, we know no one so stupid and, as Critical Badger explained in their comments, there are plenty of other reasons to dislike Obama.

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1 comment:

Daryl Tanner said...

When John McCain wins this November, I will..
Join Sue in Canadia.

Who is Sue and where is Canadia?