23 July 2008

The Global Warming "Consensus"

The obamaean reception given to Al Gore at the Nutroots convention in Austin, Texas (read: swooning/fainting) gives context to the following quote (h/t: S. Lybbert) which calls into question the global warmism "consensus" and Al Gore's algorean blow-hardedness.

Does anyone still take him seriously? (besides the nutroots)

"It is my professional opinion that there is no evidence at all for catastrophic global warming. . . . It is also my professional opinion that the severely limited predictive capacity of the natural sciences is no adequate basis for globally orchestrated mitigation efforts concerning greenhouse gases. Fortunately, the time rate of climate change is slow compared to the rapid evolution of our institutions and societies. There is sufficient time for adaptation. We should monitor the situation both globally and locally, but up to now global climate change does not cause severe problems requiring immediate emission reductions. . . . [Researchers have] presented no scientific basis for dire warnings concerning climate collapse. Local and regional problems with shorter time scales deserve priority."

Hendrik Tennekes, former director of research at the Royal Dutch Meteorological Institute, writing at climatesci.org.

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