15 July 2008

David Horsey: Obama Backers Have No Sense Of Humor

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In response to Obamaniacs' outrage over The New Yorker's satirical cover, David Horsey, a fav cartoonist of ours from the Seattle PI, sketched this one with John & Cindy McCain.

General conservative pundit response? A few chuckles.

You see, this harks back to something we have discussed on the pages of this blog before. Since conservatives do not revere their Presidential nominees the way leftists do, we don't take it as a personal affront when they are lampooned--even ironically.

And we get that The New Yorker was irony--not part of the right-wing attack machine meant to derail the utopian-Presidential campaign of one Barack Obama. The New Yorker cover wasn't designed to make fun of Obama--it was designed a send-up of gun/religion clinging conservatives. Duh.

It's not that leftists aren't smart--we're sure they're roughly as intelligent as McCain supporters--it's that they are blinded by their love of Obama.

What's even funnier is the fact that many leftist commenters on the pages of the PI see the Horsey cartoon and say, "take that, Republicans!" As though The New Yorker cover and Horsey's cartoon were some sort of back-and-forth name calling game between Republicans and Democrats (as opposed to funny satire from two leftwing periodicals). They didn't get The New Yorker cover and they don't get that the McCain cover makes fun of their lack of humor.

Oh well, they can just go back to watching The Daily Show and laughing when prompted by the laugh track.


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Morgan said...

i appreciate the laugh cue. i am considering changing my name to pavlov's dog (if this wasn't such a family friendly blog, the name would be slightly modified).

ps do they really not get it? even when the second joke isn't nearly as funny because the joke is explained on the left side of the drawing?