27 July 2008

Obama & The Troops

We're not going to say that Barack Obama, Guitar Hero* hates the troops or that he's unpatriotic. We're sure he respects them and is as patriotic as the next guy. But we will say this: by skipping his visit to the injured troops in Germany, he once again showed his true poltical colors.

Obama is a political opportunist--a man whose every campaign decision is made out of political expediency.

It's common knowledge that visits to injured troops are limited to the respective staffs of the visiting politicians with campaign staff excluded. That Obama and his fawning entourage were ignorant of this fact is revealing. That they opted to skip the visit because they couldn't make it another campaing event is even more revealing.

This tells us--rightly or wrongly--that if the injured troops couldn't be used as political props for the Obama campaign, then they aren't worth visiting.

Obama's political outlook--lick a finger and stick it in the air--contrasts sharply with John McCain. Every politician makes political decisions, but can anyone point to an unpopular position taken by Obama? Can anyone highlight a principled political risk he has taken?

Before The Surge, John McCain was for more troops in Iraq. And since the start of The Surge, he has been it's staunchest defender--despite it's unpopularity. A year ago, most political observers were writing John McCain's political obituary because of his support for The Surge.

One year later, The Surge has produced incredible security gains and the political gains have followed. John McCain deserves much credit for his principled stand.

Back to Obama.

What can we count on from the junior Senator from Illinois? Anything beyond empty, pleasing to the ear rhetoric about Hope and Change?

We know one thing: he will always act in a self-interested, politically expedient way--whether it's visiting the troops or supporting The Surge.

*Over-the-top performance, no real skill.

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