12 May 2008

Would Obama Wear This Lapel Pin?

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The LA Times political blog, Top of the Ticket, has the story.
YouTube video.

Maybe if he were wearing "false patriotism" on his lapel, he could have done a quick count before misspeaking.

Remember when Obama insinuated that McCain was too old because he said that Iran was supporting Sunni insurgents in Iraq? You know, even though intelligence has proven than Iran (ostensibly Shiite) is playing both sides in Iraq.

What are we to conclude about the fact that Obama doesn't know how many states there are?

We aren't going to make any conclusions about Obama's intelligence or judgment or age based on this gaffe. To do so would be ridiculous. But so are Obama's subtle comments referring to McCain's supposed senility.

Give the agism a rest, Obamaniacs. Everyone says stupid things--even your prince of articulateness.

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buruboi said...

haha--Hi, my name is Obama. People call me Obama.

Here's my question: If Obama was to add seven additional states, what would they be?

Morgan said...

i prefer pins that support puerto rican independence

Matt said...
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Matt said...

I would guess they are the 57 Islamic states.

Matt B.

RD said...

I don't see what the big deal is. Are you really surprised? I knew it would only be a matter of time before His Hopeness started working miracles with the federal system. My only complaint is that you all seem to lack faith. If Obama speaks, "let there be 57 states," then it is so (and it is good). When will you learn? We are the change we have been waiting for. This is change you can believe in. What were you expecting? Sheesh.

MJ said...

I love this pin! Please! If anyone can score one for my political pin collection (Im at about 80 red, white and blue pins) I would be forever grateful. You can send it to:

Hussein Obamaniac
1776 Hope Lane
Oprah Town, IL 41212

So, at the time of his speech, McCain knew that Iran (which McCain and half the Republican party mispronounced FOR YEARS) was supporting Sunni insurgents? Please inform. Also, I don't understand where Matt B is going when he says the pin Obama wore represents the 57 Islamic states? Please inform. Finally, (this in from the glass houses dept.) how are you calling out Barack as the Dems prince of articulateness when you are using words such as senility, agism, OSTENSIBLY, and...um....articulateness?